What is The Pit Master Grill's Mission?
 To ignite charitable compassion from within our local communities  via a movement to "Pay it Forward"in support of our hungry in their time of need
At The Pit Master Grill, Friends and neighbors from across the street or across town, will unite to "Pay it Forward" sharing deliciously prepared BBQ and the warmth of good company. Introduce yourself to the person or family seated beside you or across the table. Stay a while to discuss and learn about all the ways to eliminate hunger, creating community involvement, and helping those less fortunate within your community.  

The Pit Master Grill will be accessible to people from all walks of life. Our guests will be treated with dignity, kindness and respect. Our main objective is to organize a Community Movement to assist those in need of food and provisions.

Our Chefs, Pit-Masters and Crew will do their Very Personal Best to make your visit a truly memorable experience, each and every time 

"How Do I Pay it Forward" 
Our founding board will meet monthly to assist in determining the percentage of after cost profits that will be contributed to credible organizations within your community, who are dedicated to the care and feeding of our hungry. 
Thus, a portion of the money you just paid for your meal has been paid in advance in support of our program: 
Or “Paid forward” as your contribution... To feeding the hungry within your community
This information will be posted in our restaurant for all to see.  

We will also offer a “Pay it forward”  gifting program for those of you wishing to help others  in need within  your neighborhoods and community. 



If it is possible for you to donate more than the menu price; Thank You... Or if you simply wish to make a donation during your visit, we deeply appreciate your support.