The Pit Master Grill
We Are On Fire 

The Pit Master Grill™  
America's "Pay It Forward" BBQ Operation
 America's first Pay It Forward” Pit Master Grill is about doing our  part to assist in the welfare of individuals and family's within our communities
who are hungry and in need. 
                           A percentage of the after cost profits derived from our
BBQ Operation will be contributed to credible, 
charitable organizations within our communities,
who are dedicated to the feeding and care of our hungry.
A Similar Operation Serving a Variety of Freshly Prepared
Meats and Sea Foods,Grilled and Smoked to Perfection…
With Our Unique Low & Slow cooking methods,
is currently being planned for Puerto Rico
with a proposed opening in early Fall / 2018

   The  Pit master Grill Proudly Supports;
   Our Local Food Banks,Pantries
Local Organizations Actively Feeding our Hungry. 
Current plans call for a 2018 /early Fall
opening of this Operation  
     Become a Part Of The Solution    
It Is In Giving That You Receive
Your  Support is Deeply Appreciated
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